Mesa Easter PageantMesa Easter Pageant

How early do we need to come for general seating?

Attendance is generally lighter the first week. Plan to arrive at least an hour before the performance begins. Seating during the second week fills very quickly. Plan to arrive at least two hours early.

Can we reserve seats?

Seating is first-come, first-served; there is no general reserved seating.
Seat reservation cards will be available on a limited basis for those who wish to enter the Visitors Center before the Pageant begins. Those who use this privilege should return to their seats no later than 7:30 p.m.

Reserved seating for American Sign Language translation will be available during the first 3 performances. Reserved seating for those needing wheelchair access will be available every evening.

Can we come as a Ward?

Bishops and Stake Presidents of wards or stakes desiring to attend the Pageant as groups should contact a member of the Pageant Presidency.

What about Senior Citizen groups?

Senior Citizen groups should consider attending the pageant during the first week when prime seating is in less demand. Wheel chair access and seating will be available on the southeast side of the pageant seating area. Pageant hosts will be available to assist and answer questions.

What about ASL seating and interpreting?

Reserved seating for those needing American Sign Language translation will be available during the first 3 performances of the Pageant. This seating is located near the south west side of the Pageant seating area. Pageant hosts will be available to assist and answer questions.

What about Wheelchair access, Walkers and Handicap parking?

A reserved wheel-chair access section will be available during every performance on the southeast side of the pageant seating area. Pageant hosts are prepared to assist.
If a walker can be folded and easily stored so as to not block aisle ways it may be taken to general seating. If a person uses a non-collapsible walker he or she should sit in the wheel-chair access section.
Parking for those with a disability placard will be available in the east parking lot of the Visitors Center. This parking lot fills up quickly. If it is full when you arrive, parking attendants will direct you to a drop-off point for disabled passengers and then help you exit the parking lot to find parking elsewhere.

What restroom facilities are available?

Restroom trailers for men and women are provided in the east parking lot. The restrooms in the Visitors’ Center will not be opened to Pageant attendees.

What medical services are available?

Medical needs are supervised by the Mesa City Police Department who are on site every night. In addition, there is immediate access to paramedics, emergency vehicles, and helicopters through the City of Mesa. Full-service hospitals are within 3-4 miles.

What if I need help with a security problem or with someone bothering me?

Pageant hosts, security personnel and police officers are available before, during, and after the performances to assist audience members.

Will any of the performances be in other languages?

The performance on the first Saturday of the Pageant will be presented in Spanish. English translation for this performance and Spanish translation for all other performances will be available, free of charge, through the use of translation headsets. These headsets may be checked out at a designated location outside and immediately west of the Visitors Center.

How long is the performance?

Each performance takes approximately 65 minutes.

Is the pageant appropriate for children?

The pageant is appropriate for children. Parents or other guardians are encouraged to keep their children with them at all times.

Is this a “Mormon” production?

The Pageant is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The text is taken from the King James’ version of the Holy Bible and is written and presented for all faiths, cultures, religions, and ages.

Is there proselytizing by Mormon missionaries?

Full-time missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be available to answer questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints only if you desire. They will assist pageant hosts in welcoming guests and providing helpful information.

How can I get information to hand out at my office or to my organization or group?

Flyers containing pageant information are available at no charge in the Visitors’ Center. An electronic version is also available upon request.

What is the average attendance each night?

Nightly audiences range between 5,000 to 13,000 persons. The largest crowds are typically found on the final Friday and Saturday nights.

Can we take pictures and videos of the Pageant?

No flash photography or video photography is permitted during the performances. Cast members will be available for photos before and after the pageant as they circulate among audience members.

Can we purchase a video or soundtrack of the pageant?

No copies of the music, narration, or performance are available for purchase.

Can we meet the actors?

Cast members will greet audience members before and after each performance.

Can we get our picture taken with the actors who portray Christ?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request.

Is there someone associated with the pageant that I can call for further information?

Please leave your name and phone number at the Visitors’ Center and a Pageant representative will contact you.

Can we bring food?

A modest amount of food is permitted within the pageant seating area. Buffet socials, pizza parties or elaborate meals are not in keeping with the spirit of the event and are best re-located to Pioneer Park directly north of the pageant seating area across Main Street. Additionally, no food is permitted on Temple grounds beyond the pageant seating area. All are invited to please respect the sacred grounds of the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Is there a smoking area available?

No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Temple grounds.

What is the dress?

Dress is casual. You may want to bring a light jacket and wear slacks or pants since the air radiating from the grass can be chilly at night.

If it rains, will there still be a performance?

Pageant performances are rarely cancelled because of rain.

How many are in the cast?

There are approximately 475 men, women, and children of all ages in the cast. Another 400 people donate their time and efforts as production staff. 800 – 1,000 people typically audition for the Pageant each year.

Where do you get the Costumes?

A costume staff works year round to research, create, design and sew the period costumes.

Who takes care of the animals?

An Animal Coordinator is on site for every rehearsal and performance. A pageant large animal veterinarian is on call 24-hours a day.

Can a non-Mormon be in the cast?

The pageant welcomes those of other faiths to participate. Each cast member is required to maintain strict standards of dress, character, and conduct and obtain a signed ecclesiastical endorsement. Please see the Pageant website for more information:

How do I find out about auditions for next year?

The pageant website,, will post audition dates for the 2016 season by Sept 1, 2015.

How can we get a performance schedule for next year in order to plan a family vacation?

The Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant is always presented the first two weeks prior to Easter Sunday each year, excluding Sundays and Mondays.